Unique Fast Food Chains in Coastal Virginia

Big fast food chains blanket the entire United States. Scattered across highways and street corners, these restaurants pull in more than $200 billion annually. Unsurprisingly, McDonald’s typically tops the list of industry sales. 

While brands like McDonald’s certainly dominate locally, regional chains also pepper Coastal Virginia. If you haven’t tried one of these delicious, unique restaurants throughout our region, it may be time to grab lunch!


4541 S Plaza Trail Drive, Virginia Beach

This Filipino chicken restaurant is sure to satisfy any hunger. They’re perhaps best known for their Chickenjoy fried chicken, marinated in a secret sauce and then hand-breaded. Other fan favorites include the uniquely sweet Jolly Spaghetti and delightfully fresh Peach Mango Pie. It’s no wonder that grand openings of new restaurants draw crowds of thousands, with some incredibly enthusiastic fans camping out to be the first in line. While not unique to Virginia, it’s the only location in the Old Dominion – at least for now

Shake Shack

296 Constitution Dr, Virginia Beach

One of the fastest-growing burger chains in America, Shake Shack began by winning over the Central Park lunch crowd in New York City. With more than 150 locations nationwide, it’s more than just New Yorkers who have fallen for the chain’s delectable sandwiches, fries, and shakes. Take our advice and order the Double ShackBurger, cheese fries, and a Black & White Shake. We guarantee it’ll be love at first bite!


Locations in Newport News, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, Hampton, Chesapeake, Portsmouth, and Norfolk

The humble Cookout is a beloved North Carolina chain that lives up to the hype. Where else can you order a four-piece chicken nugget or a corn dog as a side? The Cookout Tray has become legendary among broke college kids and bar-hoppers alike; choose from burgers and chicken sandwiches as your primary, select aside (including the chicken above nugget or corn dog), and round it out with a “huge” sized tea. Don’t miss out on dessert either; the menu boasts 40+ milkshake offerings – all of which have been lovingly reviewed on one of the very best sites on the internet

Raising Cane’s

4100 Monarch Way, Norfolk

Head over to ODU’s campus for some of the most delicious fast food chicken around. Founded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Raising Cane’s serves up legendary chicken tenders that have outranked Popeye’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Culvers. Don’t skimp on the Cane’s sauce, their signature – and highly addictive – blend of ketchup, mayo, Worcestershire sauce, and other secret ingredients. The menu is simple at first glance, but the back to basics approach lets the chicken shine. 

What are your favorite fast-food chains? Did we forget any notable restaurants? What regional chains would you like to see brought to Coastal Virginia? Let us know in the comments!

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