5 Ways to Stay Active in CoVA

Fitness Coach Brittany Morgon

Brittany has nearly a decade of experience with culinary product development and fitness coaching as a certified nutritionist and fitness coach. Brittany’s coaching style is process-driven and designed to deliver results that last. Visit CoachBrittanyMorgon.com for weight loss information.

1. Jog the Elizabeth River Trail (ERT)

Walk, run, or bike the Elizabeth River Trail. The ERT is a 10.5-mile urban trail in Norfolk that stretches along the waterfront from Lochhaven to Norfolk State University! You can walk, run or bike different sections, or take on the whole thing!

2. Kayak the Lafayette River

Kayak the Lafayette River. There are a handful of public kayak launches in Norfolk where you can launch your kayak and begin paddling the Lafayette River (there are a few for the Elizabeth river too!) Don’t have a kayak? You can rent one from Norfolk Kayak Rentals or rent a Hydro Bike from Hund’s Re-Cycle Factory!

3. Bike First Landing Park

Hike or Bike at First Landing State Park. First Landing in Virginia Beach has ten trails totaling over 20 miles of preserved forest and beaches to explore! You can walk, hike, bike, and even swim in the Chesapeake Bay!

4. Hike the Noland Trail

Hike the Noland Trail. The Noland Trail in Newport News is a 5-mile loop that runs around Mariners Lake. It is an excellent hike for all skill levels, with well-groomed paths and beautiful water views!

5. Obstacle Course

Take on an obstacle course. Unleash your inner American Ninja Warrior at one of two public obstacle courses in Norfolk. One is located in Lafayette Park, and the other is in Plum Point Park (on the Elizabeth River Trail!)

Bonus for the Adventurous!

Bonus (for the adventurous): bike the Virginia Capital Trail from Williamsburg to Richmond! The VCT is a 51.2-mile trail that stretches from Williamsburg to Richmond. You can bike any section of the course and camp out at designated campsites along the route, or take it from one end to the other!

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