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The Struggles of Finding Balance

My Time Mama Wellness Coach Vicki PittmanMy inspiration came from my own experience of being a new Mom. With a well-established career, the struggles of finding balance between all aspects of my life/identity were a challenge. They include: A Mom and family woman, a working career woman, and a practicing healthy living self-care and wellness woman.

Reaching Burnout

My Time Mama Wellness Coach Vicki PittmanI reached burnout within 6 months postpartum trying to balance everything. Expectations of myself and those of our society were high and seemed unattainable. Kind of like getting a quote on a big project: you get it on time, on budget, or with high quality.  At best you get 2/3. It was a struggle.

I Focused on What I Could Change

Realizing ‘the system’ (institutional inequity of working mothers in the workforce) was too big of a hurdle to change by myself, I focused on what I could change: my personal experience.

And I HAD to because burnout was reached, and I was at a breaking point.

I was able to do that with a mindset overhaul, setting and enforcing boundaries, and time management strategies that worked and served me.  I focused on 4 key areas: Self Love, Self-Empowerment, Self-Alignment, and Self Prioritization. Which I now call my L.E.A.P method to success and greater confidence.

Thrive Instead of Just Survive

I was now showing up in life and working in way that allowed for more time flexibility (a requirement with a breastfeeding newborn!), didn’t disregard my own health, and rebuilt my own self-worth and increased confidence postpartum.

Collectively it allowed me to feel like myself again and actually thrive in motherhood instead of just survive.

My new L.E.A.P method of living saved my life, and it would be too selfish of me to not to share it with the world and help other Moms struggling too.

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